VR & AR Lab Setup For Schools, Colleges and universities

Irusu provides Computer-based virtual learning environments such as VR laboratories which gives new province in the teaching, learning, and practice of medicine, physical sciences and engineering among others.


  • Irusu provides virtual learning environment(VLE) based applications that supplement traditional teaching methods. These learning environments will create greater pedagogical effectiveness on learners.

HealthCare Industry

Accurate diagnosis can be carried out by the physicians using the VR technology.

Industrial Training

  • The VR laboratories will serve as application for education, learning and training any area of human endeavor. The development and use of VR laboratories will increase student engagement, add realism to instruction, promote mastery and understanding of basic principles, augment laboratory experience, and encourage inferential and exploratory learning.

VR Gaming Zone setup and VR 360 Event Shoot

VR Gaming Zone

Get futuristic experiences with virtual reality technology. We provide the equipment for setting up the VR gaming zone.

Medical Training.

VR technology gives a great opportunity to the medical students to immerse themselves in a surgical experience long before they are in a surgical residency.

IRUSU Block 

Use the Irusu Block to explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics in XR – Extended Reality.

The Kit with Irusu Block will help children with immersive learning experiences which will inspire their creativity and spark their imagination.


“This is ACTUALLY what is needed! From both – AR VR as well as Business point-of-view. To get these people together, exchange ideas and create solutions which would help create an AR VR ecosystem.”

Alice Perkensteel
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Mobile Based VR Headset Lab

  • VR Cardboards - 10 Quantity
  • Monster VR Headset - 5 Quantity
  • Play VR Plus - - 5 Quantity
  • TAB - 1 Quantity
  • Human Anatomy - 1 Quantity
  • Irusu Block - 10 Quantity
  • Irusu App - 1 Quantity
Irusu AIO VR Headset
Most Popular
  • Headsets - 5 Quantity
  • VR Content - 30 Quantity
Irusu AIO VR Headset
  • Headsets - 10 Quantity
  • VR Content - 30 Quantity
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